"This young lady is happy, because she just found

"An online presence is no longer an 'option', or an 'extra' in today's market.

It is an absolute necessity"

From the desk of Jonathan Phillips
Tacoma, WA

Dear Business Owner,

Have you ever had a customer ask you, "What's your website address?", and you had to tell them... "I don't have one yet".  Or worse yet, you have a website but it's so out of date and clunky that you're embarrassed to tell them you have one!

Does your email address look like  "katluvr2387@hotmail.com" instead of  info@mainstreetmarketing.info ?


Do you have a sinking feeling that your business is being left behind because you don't have a fast-loading, information-packed website that tells people who you are, what you do, where to find you and how to contact you, and lets them ask you questions online - rather than picking up the phone...at 2AM?           (You're right...you are being left behind.)


I am here to tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Most small businesses owners are - rightly - so concerned with keeping their business in the black, and customers coming through the door that they don't have the time, and cannot spend the time, to learn the mysterious world of websites, email, internet web servers, HTML, PHP, auto responders, drip email campaigns, online forms, opt-in boxes, what's spam and what's not, etc., etc., etc.

Good news! You don't have to. Because I already have. I, like you, own several small businesses and have stood in your shoes - not knowing who to even call for help - much less how I was going to pay the thousands and thousands of dollars that they wanted to charge me for setting up a website, an email address, and an auto responder. I've now done it so many times for myself that I've developed systems and procedures that I can reproduce very inexpensively for my own businesses (some of which exist completely online).


Now I'm offering to share that cost-savings with you. For a short time, I will open up my box of secrets, and put them to work for your business.  Very, very cost-effectively.

That's great Jonathan, but what's this going to cost me?

From now until December 31, 2010 - $495.00
is the price of my "New Client Package"!

Your New Client Package includes the following !

  • Listing in TacomaFocus.com -Tacoma's Premier Business Directory - for 6 months
  • Consultation with you on web domain name & registration
  • Development of 5 page website (Wordpress based)
  • Choosing a web hosting company and setting up your website on the web host
  • Setting up your company's email, showing you how to add/delete accounts
  • Setting up your auto responder account, and your first promotional campaign
  • Putting an 'opt-in' form on your website, so  your clients can GIVE you their email

FAST ACTION BONUS if you sign up by December 31, 2010!

  •  Auto responder training videos, available at your convenience online
  • Email series on "How To Market Your Business Online" - daily for 60 days
  • Literally putting your business 'on the map' in Google Maps! (Shhh...how-to is a secret!)
  • Other online training and assistance that you don't want your competitors to know about


Sign Up NOW!



(By the way, that's an opt-in box.)


I believe that you will be so happy with your new lean, clean, marketing machine (website, email, etc.) that you will be interested in hiring me to introduce you to some of the more advanced service that I can offer, such as:

  • Online advertising on Google (and how to NOT lose  a fortune overnight)

  • How to find niche markets that are looking for your products & services

  • Who's your competition...and what are they doing online

  • Connecting a 'brick-and-mortar' business with the 'click-and-pay' world

  • Some (free) graphics resources that you simply will not believe

  • And much, much more that I've found out in my 15 years online


            And One More Thing...

I am so certain that you will be pleased with your new website, email, ability to market to your customers and everything else in the package that I will make you the following guarantee:


If within 30 days you are unsatisfied with your website and my services, I will refund your money! **

To Your Success,

Jonathan Phillips

Owner, Main Street Marketing LLC

2522 N. Proctor, Suite 3

Tacoma WA  98406

Office:  (253) 238-6039

Email:  info@mainstreetmarketing.info

**In the event of a refund, all services will be stopped and websites, etc. will be deleted.